3 Keys to Consider When Hiring a Web Designer

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So you're considering outsourcing the design of your website.

Yessssss! You know that your website is huge in terms of creating a "home base" where potential clients and customers can find you and really immerse themselves in the experience of YOU. (Which is how you get them to fall in love with you, duh.)

But how do you know who to hire? What you should be looking for, and what you should be getting for the money you're investing?

Web design is ultimately about communication.

Not coding knowledge. Not flashy graphics. Those things can be useful, but it's not the entire point.

When you're designing for business, it doesn't matter how perfectly coded your website is if it's not communicating the right things to the right audience. It doesn't even matter how pretty it is. If it's not fully connecting, you're missing out on opportunities to reach more people.

If your website isn't actually useful to your audience, it's not effective. Period.

So that means that in order to design a website that is effective, you need to consider who you're talking to, what you're communicating, and how you communicate it.

Check in with yourself on these ideas:

1 // Your audience's lifestyle and preferences.

Who are you reaching? Are you speaking their language, literally and figuratively? It's easy to assume people get you and what you're about. But are you actually using your visuals and your copy (that's your words) to bring them into your world? What connects with your audience? What will they appreciate about your brand and website?

2 // Your audience's needs.

What do they need your website to do for them? Will they be using it to learn, to engage, or to buy? What should they see on it or learn from it in order to connect with you? What can you include that would make their lives easier? How can you make it super simple for them to end up wherever it is that you want them to go on your site?

3 // Your own brand mission and messaging, and how that's going to come through visually and verbally through your website.

Do the visuals distract from your message and goals, or do they support them? Or worse, do the visuals actually conflict with what you're trying to communicate to your audience? What are the essential things that your audience needs to know about you?

Remember that most people aren't reading every word you write. Keep your content organized and easily skimmable so that they can quickly figure out exactly what you're about.


Website design is entirely about organizing information, and of course doing it in a way that is gorgeous and easy to navigate.

Along with my background in communication and visual design, I'm attuned to Reiki energy healing at the master level, and I also have 23 years experience coding. Which means that I intuitively get how visuals, vibes, and verbiage all intersect, and I'm capable of bringing to life just about anything you can imagine.

It's about going deep in your business. Connect on all dimensions, or not at all.

Technical skills are one factor when you're hiring a web designer, but you really want someone who is a strong communicator.

Hopefully, this plants a seed of thought with you as you get ready to begin your web design project. There is a lot of (mis)information out there, and I want to be completely honest about what you should be seeking out, and the skills that really go into designing websites that resonate on a deeper level.

Because there's a lot that goes into a successful website design, and it's about more than simply placing shiny crap on a page.

If you want to chat about your website and how we can turn it into your most valuable asset, you can connect with me here.

xo Elizabeth

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