Brand healer.
Business visionary.
Goddess of technology.

Design is:

communication. art. style. energy.

I work with entrepreneurs who are ready to shake up their corner of the business world, captivate in unconventional ways, and put their fire into their online presence.

Design and strategy with soul.

Without the pretense or propriety.

I'm a brand strategist, copywriter, and web designer + developer.

My gifts include heightened intuition/energy-sensitivity, creative problem-solving, and illuminating the unseen.

I’m an edge-dweller, super direct, and can’t small-talk or lie to save my life. I’m always on the move and well-acquainted with anxiety, but I’m a lion who holds her vision and keeps making it happen.

I love the little things and seek to elevate every moment as much as possible. I can’t stand manufactured urgency or arbitrary rules. I believe strongly in the power of intuition, and I think we could all stand to unlearn a lot of what we've accepted as "true."

Elizabeth + Digital Media = Soul Mates

Reading was my very first obsession in life, writing was always the only thing I could ever see myself truly doing forever, and web design had me on lock as soon as we were introduced. (Going strong since 1996, baby.)

I started my first digital magazine/online community in 1997 at age 11, and grew it to over 1000 members within a year—using only the most organic of marketing tools: email, AOL chat rooms, and IM.
I am absolutely enamored with the idea of transformation. Leveraging identity and perception in business is essential.

It's also a way to infuse your business with a more sacred element.

An energy-based approach connects on all dimensions, and this is where small businesses have the advantage.
Elizabeth Strawn design studio

Style + Energy Collide

Brand + web design goes deeper than just visuals or code. It's strategy. It's communication. It's poetry in motion. It's connection at the energetic level. It's sales. It's problem-solving.

And yeah, design that embodies all those things really does have the power to transform your entire business.

Together, we'll work to create strategies that fully express the purest essence of your business. And we'll communicate that vision with gorgeous visuals that elevate you and set you apart.

Want to find out more about how we can work together to transform your business, on both visual and energetic levels?

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