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Brand strategist.
web designer.

My gifts include intuition, energy-sensitivity, creative problem-solving, and illuminating the unseen.

I’m an edge-dweller, super direct, and can’t small-talk or lie to save my life.

Oh, and I can’t stand manufactured urgency or arbitrary rules.

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Elizabeth Strawn design studio

Are you kind of over hustle culture?
Have you ever wondered if there's an easier way to build a business as a multi-passionate, creative-minded entrepreneur?

Yeah, that was me, too.
I actually considered burning my entire business to the ground (figuratively speaking) on more than one occasion.

Once I got out of my own way and started to let vibes + energy do the heavy lifting for me, I found a renewed love for my business.

It was like finding the secret doorway to achieving everything I'd always suspected could be possible for me.

It's absolutely available to you, too.


An energy-based approach connects on all dimensions, and this is where heart-led small businesses will always have the advantage. 

This is exactly who I desire to see lifted up, winning, and amassing wild levels of wealth..


Brand + web design goes deeper than just visuals or code. 

It's strategy. 
It's communication.
It's poetry in motion.
It's connection at the energetic level. 
It's sales psychology. 
It's problem-solving.

And yeah, design that embodies all those things really does have the power to transform your entire business.

Let's just say it: some of us are simply wired differently.

We go for impact over everything.

We want our business to feel amazing.

And we'd rather innovate than blindly follow the trends.

We are here to learn, to heal, to ascend.

We are creative, and we have high standards.

We know that everything is connected, and that integrity in one area means dedicating to integrity in all areas.

We are on the edges of a new era in work, love, and leadership, and we are changing the rules about what it means to be wealthy and successful.

Consider this your invitation to start aiming higher, dreaming bigger, going deeper.

Want your own gorgeous site + brand?

Your online identity should be your top-selling sales associate, your 24-hour virtual assistant, and your very best PR.

Working with me, energy + strategy collide to create the kind of digital presence that shifts your entire business and sells for you, with ease.
If your brand and website aren't:

- Automating your processes
- Highlighting the very best of your skills, vibe, and knowledge
- Positioning you as a leader who delivers impact and results
- Magnetizing your people, by going beyond just "trendy" or "cute"

...then we should definitely talk!
Let's chat about supercharging your site!


M - F       10a - 4p CT
Closed weekends and holidays

PO Box 766
Plainfield, Illinois 60544
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