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I offer guidance based on experience, intuition, and my own knowledge base. But you are ultimately responsible for your own journey, and the successes and failures along the way.

There is no way for me to guarantee results for anyone. Viewing, use, or implementation of anything on this site (or anything I offer, period) comes with the explicit understanding that you are responsible for yourself and your achievements, and I am in no way liable toward you or others for anything I provide on this site or any other avenue. Take what I recommend and decide yourself how (or whether) to use it—only you truly know what is right for you.


I am not a licensed therapist, attorney, or healthcare professional. My advice is not a substitution for qualified services by any professional in these fields.

Right or wrong, and whether anyone agrees or not, it is one person’s opinion. Don’t like it? Then don’t use it.

My intention is always to help. I say everything, even the tough-love truth bombs, with compassion and love.

Love yourself enough to also realize that your own truth matters more than anything other people can say to you.


I rarely get too salesy on here, but I may share a link that gives me a commission from time to time. For example, I’m an affiliate with GreenGeeks, a webhost that I use and with whom I’ve had a really positive experience. I would recommend using them to anyone who needed hosting anyway, but if you use my link then I do earn a commission. It’s a win for all! You get great hosting that you needed anyway, and I get a little extra money to keep things going around here and continue to offer soul-biz related goodies.

If ever I post an affiliate link to anything else, I promise to disclose that information.


I strive for 100% original content. All graphics are created by me unless otherwise specified. All photos are either my own, or downloaded via stock photography sites AND used with proper licensing. I do ensure that any design elements not created by me are used with proper licensing as well.

I do not share or repost images, copy, or any content without permission from and attribution to the owner.

Respecting digital copyright and intellectual property are important to me, as a digital creator. I take great care to maintain integrity in that aspect.

Obviously, this site is designed and developed by me, on WordPress, licensed under WordPress GPL.

All content is copyright Elizabeth Strawn LLC.