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Expression is divine. We've been taught that business and money are dirty concepts, but the reality is that they're powerful tools. Denying ourselves access to these tools only keeps us invisible. That lack of access keeps us excluded from the very conversations where our voices are needed most.

Now, more than ever, it is vital that soul-centered businesses and conscious entrepreneurs have the money and platform to influence the collective in loving, healing ways.

Using your business to become fully expressed and positively impact the lives of others is a sacred art.

I partner with business owners to create immersive, high-end online experiences that connect on all dimensions.

It's time to go deeper, to create more meaningful work.

Discovery is a divine practice around here. It’s how we identify the true soul of your business, and the energy that reigns queen supreme throughout your whole brand.

Once we’ve bottled the most potent stuff—your business’s purpose, mission, and messaging—we can expand out and design gorgeous visuals (and strategies) that reflect that sacred truth.

Visuals, vibe, and verbiage intersect to channel the essence of your business online.
We take a completely holistic approach, first defining the energy in order to work with it. This allows us to create the systems and processes that will fully support all your goals. By automating and streamlining through your website as much as possible, you can focus on bringing the passion and ideas to your work.
As it should be. 

It’s you, illuminated then amplified.

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I work with those who are ready to shake up their industry, captivate in unconventional ways, and put their fire into their online presence.


Energy Work

As an energy practitioner, I'm highly attuned to the less visible things in life. Are there things in your business that could use some clearing or healing?


Tech Support

If you'd rather focus on creation than site maintenance, backups, or software updates, my monthly packages are going to save you so much time and stress.


Web Development

I love partnering with other designers to support the technical side of WordPress site design and bring your vision to life with code.


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Elizabeth Strawn design studio

I'm Elizabeth, a brand visionary and goddess of WordPress.

In other words, I'm a web + brand designer for creative, rebel-at-heart entrepreneurs who want to channel their full brand essence into their online presence.

It's all about going deeper, to create multidimensional identities and experiences online.
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