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Healing + Clearing: Procrastination

Finding yourself feeling a little lost lately?

Lately I've been noticing a lot of collective questioning (or needing to question!) the things we accept as fact. It's been a crazy year of revelations--up is down, the shadow is out in full force for all to see, while truth has become almost indecipherable in some situations. Yikes.

But despite that, I still do believe that at our core, we have what we need. That includes the answers we seek. The key is to look at the things going on in your life that you want to change, and ask questions until you get to the root.

Then you can start to reframe the ideas that need adjusting, and dismantle the ones that are harming you or keeping you acting from a sense of Not-Self.

Here's a little conversation to have with yourself if you find yourself stuck in procrastination. (To show you what that really looks like, the italicized responses are my own previous issue surrounding inconsistent social media posting.)

Your procrastination is motivated by something else. Examine your motivations and the stories you tell yourself.

What is something you need or want to do that you’ve been putting off?
Establishing a social media presence that reflects on my business + brand.

Why are you avoiding doing this?
I don’t know what to post that would be of value to my audience.

Okay, but you're a master problem-solver. How could you determine what they find interesting or useful?
Well, trial and error, le duh.

Uh-huh. So why aren't you just doing that?
I guess...I’m apprehensive to do that. (***Block identified!)

Why are you so afraid of experimenting on a social media platform?
I have ideas about who I am, and I don't want to be misread. Good or bad, once it's out there, it's for everyone to see. (***Block clarified—issues of visibility)

Has there been a time in your life when being visible made you feel vulnerable or resulted in hurt?
In high school, everyone gossiped about everyone else. Whether you wanted your personal business shared or not, other students made it everyone’s business. There was always judgment about the things others were wearing and doing. Breakups and other sensitive personal moments were exploited and made public, amplifying each situation. I felt horribly uncomfortable in my own body and really unsure of who I was, and I always felt the need to prove myself. It didn’t feel fair to face so much criticism for just living my life, and I wanted to be left alone.

Do you feel you have anything to prove now, as an adult?
Sometimes I do feel that I have to prove myself, even though there is nothing to suggest I'm not worthy. I'm achieving my goals. I have a wonderful family and great friends. I'm full of insight and fun, creative ideas. (***Emotional state does not reflect events actually happening in the present. This is a sign of old mindsets/fears resurfacing, even though they no longer apply to current circumstances.)

Tell me about what you’re accomplishing right now.
I’m building a business, I'm exploring the edges of new ideas, I'm standing up for those who need a voice. I'm connecting with beautiful and like-minded people every day. I’m raising wonderful children who embody compassion and are such wise little souls. I’m devoting time to volunteering in my community, creating opportunities and connections for others who live near me. I'm supporting others by being the rock they can count on.

Create a mantra that honors the beauty you’re creating now, and where you hope to be in the near future.
I know that the work I do is sacred, and I am where I am right now for divine reasons. I impact on my local community and the world by spreading love and magic. I heal others by helping them lovingly uncover the layers that keep them bound in patterns of complacency and self-sabotage.

I release fears of not being valued, because I know that I am unconditionally valuable. Not because of what I do, but because of what I am.

We did four big things by talking through this one issue.

  1. Acknowledged the block, and recognized how it is playing out in our lives, preventing us from doing something we know we need to do.
  2. Identified the source of the block, and why those feelings have been imprinted onto us, based on past events.
  3. Started talking through those old feelings that still shape the choices we make today.
  4. Created a new intention and a new mindset, with intention to release the old, harmful thoughts.

And, in my case, I answered my own question about not knowing what to post in my new mantra! If my goal is to spread love and magic, then I shouldn’t feel pressure to create nonstop perfect business-y posts, because that wouldn’t even align with my overarching goal. Beauty for the sake of beauty is still on point with my messaging—so there doesn’t need to be a lot of thought or painstaking planning. Just post what I’m loving and learning, and that alone will tell the story I want to tell.

Give it a try!

What situation are you're working out? Did having this kind of chat with yourself reveal anything?

xo Elizabeth

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