You’re a creative entrepreneur who wants or believes in the following:

>> Using your work to fulfill your unique purpose
>> Designing a beautiful business that supports the dreamy life you’re creating outside of work
>> Building strong communities (locally and digitally) through your contributions
>> Making money, sharing value, and enjoying prosperity with ease

Bonus points if you love glitter, crystals, co-creating with God, unicorns, astrology, angels, tarot cards, or anything witchy.

But really, the ideas of conscious creation and following where energy flows are what we’re about here. And we need to start filling our businesses with these things.


The world needs you, conscious entrepreneur. The age of "business as usual" is over. We're on the edges of something new, and we need change-makers to pave the way.

The lack of integrity in the world of business today is clear. It's no surprise that money has become a dirty word, because, well...some people are definitely acting dirty with money.

It’s time for something softer, more compassionate, more inclusive, to show that there is a better way. To show that there can be wealth with integrity. To show that through mindful action, and abundance and expansion (rather than fear and lack), we can all be who we want to be and have all that we seek.

Our impact is offering an alternative to the demanding schedules, boring standard-issue marketing strategies, and self-serving energies that seem to have become standard fare in the business world.

And despite what anyone tells you:

You are qualified to do business in all the ways that you want. (Even if no one else is doing it that way...yet.)

You are not a statistic. You are an infinitely powerful being who is capable of anything and everything you could dream. (Even if the stats and numbers say you "can't" or "shouldn't" be achieving certain things.)

Energy does not lie. You know when the energy behind something is flowing and feeling amazing, and when it's just not.


>> Maybe you’re not sure what your brand's superpower is, or how to use it to bring in paid clients.

>> Maybe you’re feeling a call to go deeper and make your business feel truly sacred.

>> Maybe you're feeling like the only one who doesn't want to play by the rules anymore.

>> Maybe you’re having trouble getting your vision out of your head and onto paper or screen.

>> Maybe you’ve been holding back from sharing your gifts, and you don't know what your deal is.

>> Maybe you just need to be surrounded by people who are all about bringing play, creativity, and a bit of magic into business.

Then this is exactly where you belong, because everything here is designed to touch on all of those things.

Together, we’re all going to make our mark on this world.
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