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Workflow Overview

Promoting ease and connection for both of us!

This is an overview of my standard workflow, for the purpose of transparency and making sure there are no surprises due to miscommunication.

Our work together is intended to be collaborative and should feel like a positive process for both of us! If there is anything you feel would be helpful to you along the way, please let me know.

Availability + Scheduling


My “standard" hours are Monday - Friday, 10 am - 4 pm CST, and I am best reached through Asana (for all things project-related) or by email (for everything else) during that time.

I’m a work-from-home mama of 4, growing my businesses and my family side by side. I do keep myself available to clients during the work day, but my actual “working” hours can really vary depending on my kids’ schedules and needs. (For example: I do a lot of the more intensive coding and design work late at night, so I can work uninterrupted!)

Sometimes I’ll respond to an email at 9pm. Sometimes my kids have a class party, or a snow day, and my workflow gets moved around a bit. It fluctuates, and I adapt as needed.

My schedule is created intuitively, on a weekly basis. It is not always possible for me to accommodate all new requests immediately. I shoot for within 24-48 hours, but it depends on my current client list and family needs. In general, if it’s on my calendar on Monday, it will be handled by Friday.

Turnaround Time

My first priority is always design integrity. I want our work together to be high quality, and I want it to truly transform your business. I am a believer in letting that process happen organically.

One thing I have learned that has shifted everything for me is understanding that it’s not really about timing, or any of the limitations we try to put on things in order to control the outcome. It is ALL about the energy and intention.

I go for quality + impact over arbitrary "rules" or expectations, every time.

I am mindful of timelines, and if you have a desired timeframe in mind, or a reason why our project should be completed before a certain time, please let me know upfront. I will do my best to plan accordingly and make it happen.

But I do not like the word “deadline” or the manufactured sense of stress and urgency it implies. We’re creating beauty and impact together, and that energy doesn't really want to adhere to restrictive timing, ya know?


Project Communication

We will be using Asana to manage our project. This keeps it easy to see what has been completed and what is needed next. It also allows us to easily upload files, discuss them, and share ideas. In order to keep things organized in one place, all project-related communication should take place within Asana.

Point of Contact

Many of my clients are solopreneurs, just like me! That makes it easy—we’ll both be our respective points of contact for the entire project.

In case you are working with a team, please designate ONE point of contact for this project. (It makes it much easier for us to move forward without multiple voices trying to direct the process.)

Zoom Calls

Typically, with full branding or copywriting projects, I offer one discovery call via Zoom at the beginning of a project. Your Project Agreement will specify how many calls are included with your project.

If you want a call in addition to the specified number included in your project, they will be billed at my hourly rate.

Zoom calls can be scheduled via my online scheduler.


Copyright + Use

WordPress themes are licensed under the GPL license, and as such, you are free to make changes however you like. I am not responsible for changes made by you or others, or any potential issues that arise as a result. If you’d like me to fix them, this will be considered a new project, billed at my hourly rate and subject to my calendar's availability at that time.

Unless specifically discussed ahead of time, the copyright of ALL graphic design work created by me is retained by me. You are licensed to use these designs however you like.

I may choose to display these designs in a portfolio, on my website, or on my social media.

If you choose to hire other designers to use or alter designs I have created (web/graphic/code), I am not responsible for the results.


Final files will be delivered at the completion of the project, and upon receipt of the final payment. These will be uploaded to Google Drive and available for 30 days after your launch date/date of delivery. It will be your responsibility to download these files and store them yourself.

Backups and Security

I do all I can to ensure the security of your website at the time of setup. After that, you are responsible for the continued security of your site. I am not responsible for backing up, maintaining, protecting, or making updates to your website, unless specifically discussed.

I do offer maintenance packages if you would like to hire me for extended support, including backups of your website and routine software updating.


You are responsible for purchasing your own domain and hosting, and renewing/maintaining these as needed.

Changes + Revisions

We will always start with concepts and mockups, and once approved by you, we will use those to create the final product. (Graphic elements, website design, etc.) I won’t move forward on a concept without your approval.

You are completely free to request changes during the design process.  I prefer to think of it as a refinement process: we can make adjustments to things as we go, but redesigning or adding major pieces as an afterthought is both time-consuming and avoidable.

Any revisions that result in major changes to graphic or website functionality, layout, or features AFTER those concepts have already been approved are subject to additional billing at my hourly rate.


Providing content and feedback within a reasonable amount of time helps keep things moving along. Delays in responsiveness result in moving around my design schedule, which pushes back our timeline and launch date. (It’s cool if you’re not in a hurry, but if you’re trying to stick to the timeframe we’ve discussed, it's also on you to have the necessary pieces ready.)


Due to the nature of my services, and the energy + time invested in the entire process, I am not able to offer refunds on completed work.

50% of the total cost is required to hold your place on my calendar and begin work together. This is non-refundable under any circumstances.

The remaining 50% is due before delivery of finalized files and/or website launch. I cannot offer refunds after this point.

If you decide, before work has been completed, installed, or delivered, that you want to end our project, I will keep the greater of either:

  • The 50% deposit
  • The equivalent of the amount of work completed, based on percentage of completion

Although I cannot offer refunds, I do want you to feel excited about the work we've done together. You can always come to me with honest feedback and any concerns you may have, and we'll talk about what we can do to make sure you're satisfied.

I want our time together to be really positive, uplifting, and transformative for us both! I promise to do all I can to deliver results that excite and motivate you.

You are invited to:

  • Ask anytime you need more info
  • Voice any questions or concerns
  • Be completely honest with design feedback
  • Let me know how I can best serve you!

Questions? Ask away!